Let’s make food in
the air the first highlight of every journey!

Offer the passengers a taste of the unique experiences they will have in all of these wonderful places during the flight.

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Classic Mediterranean

Classic Mediterranean centres on the time-honoured, classic flavours of the countries surrounding the Mediterranean and how food connects people in this region.

Packshot Classic Mediterranean
Dishes Classic Mediterranean

Lovely Latin

Lovely Latin takes us on a voyage of discovery, exploring identities in an experience that combines the passion of the old and the new cuisine.

Packshot Lovely Latin
Dishes Lovely Latin

Sweet America

Sweet America brings the new world to our plate. This particular concept is about exciting flavours that can only be created by mixing various cultures to form a new tapestry of understanding.

Packshot Sweet America
Dishes Sweet America

Incredible India

Incredible India is about rich spices and deep tastes. We tell a story about the importance of sharing meals with friends.

Packshot Incredible India
Dishes Incredible India

What is on the menu?
A unique experience!

&Stories is a concept of in-flight meals that links up with the perception of the contemporary traveller. They respond to the hunger of the passengers for new experiences and their demand for healthy, tasty, and exciting meals at any time of the day, while at the same time fulfilling the requirements of the tightly choreographed operations on board any aircraft.

Asian market boats

Who will be tomorrow’s travellers?

#food makes the top 10 of most used hashtags on social media every year. For airline companies, food offers an opportunity to differentiate themselves and to create relevance for a broad target audience. We, at &Stories by Royal Smilde, would like to help you to achieve this, not just by telling the story of a particular destination, but also by reinforcing the story.

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We created four types of packaging for different types of services

Our four food concepts comprise global meals including packaging. The packaging is fully geared to the logistics on board and fits in the existing service trolleys.

Product packaging

Royal Smilde,
your ideal aviation partner

Royal Smilde is a family business with a history of 150 years in the development of smart food concepts for a wide variety of industries.
Our preference is to work in partnerships, so that we can work together to bring the concepts and stories to life.

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In-house production by Royal Smilde


& Pies







petit fours

Petit fours

margarines & butterich

& Butterich